"A journey through 25 years of trying to cope with this serious illness.

Light hearted but informative and very, very honest.

With one of the most unusual 'cases' in Australia, 

Paul looks back at his lot in life and continues to

'Fight for a future"

Perhaps your story is here too.

This book is my story of living with Crohn's Disease.

What is Crohn's ? 

What happens to someone with it?

What's it like being a regular 'customer' of our public hospitals?

How do you get on with life ?

Pretty common questions, but few can give many answers. 

This book is intended as both a record and as a source of hopefully useful information for fellow sufferers and family and friends of those who live with this unjust, largely unseen and debilitating disorder.

As an Australian, I am more fortunate than most around the world, with several great programs in place to support me courtesy of the Commonwealth Government.

Without these programs, I cant imagine how more difficult life would be.

I must emphasize that my story is quite a rare one, having had the 'privilege' of 'attracting' almost all of the known complications and having endured over 23 surgical interventions in 25 years.

So, perhaps your story is in here somewhere too.

I trust that this book will guide, amuse and I guess at times scare!  

But Crohn's is an unpredictable thing, a cunning predator that can sleep for some time but always in the shadows, ready to attack unannounced.

I owe so much to my wife, children ,family and friends and the myriad of health professionals such as nurses, doctors, surgeons, specialists, therapists and fellow sufferers.

They have literally at times picked me up off floors, called ambulances, held my hand and put up with my 'grizzling' and sometimes irrational outbursts of anger and frustration.

As I move into middle age, much is now behind me but the unknown future no doubt will unfold as it should. Stay tuned!


"The Joey's Boys Ride Again".

St Joseph's Technical College, Abbotsford

Form 1 Class of 1978- 30 Year Reunion.

This booklet produced for the annual reunions, contains history of SJTC, class pics and of course photo's of that magic day in Nov, 2008 at the old school when 'The Joey's Boys Rode Again" for the first time in 30 years.

The school closed in 1990 and was sadly largely demolished in 2014   but the spirit of St Joeys lives on.

A tribute DVD is also available on request.


"Magnus Labor Praemium Maius"

Greater the Effort, Greater the Reward

 "St Josephs Technical Abbotsford" 

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